Innovative Entrepreneurship: Upcoming Business Ideas in India

Sir, I will tell you about a business model that will never stop running. This business can produce 5 different products from a single machine, so even if one product is not selling, you have 4 other options. All of these products are in high demand, and once you start this business, your machine will be running day and night.

To start this business, you will need two machines: a rewinding machine and a slitting machine. The raw materials required are paper rolls and paper cores. The paper rolls come in different qualities, like soft paper, hard paper, virgin paper, and recycled paper, with the rate varying accordingly.

Once the raw materials are loaded onto the machine, the rewinding process begins. The machine has an embossing unit that adds a design to the paper. The machine needs to be set initially, and then it will automatically produce the products. The machine also has options to control the speed.

After the rewinding process, the paper is sent to the slitting machine, where it can be converted into different products like toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, hot rolls, just rolls, and couch rolls. These products have high demand, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The finished products are of good quality, with clean cuts and perforations for easy tearing. They are ready to be sold on the market.

In addition to toilet rolls and kitchen rolls, which are popular products, just rolls and hot rolls are used in restaurants, and couch rolls are used in hospitals.

Starting a Toilet Roll Business

If you are interested in starting a toilet roll business, it is important to understand the investment required and the potential profits. The manufacturing cost of a toilet roll is around Rs. 7 to Rs. 8, depending on the paper quality. However, you can easily sell it for Rs. 12, resulting in a profit of Rs. 2 to Rs. 3 per roll.

Investment and Manufacturing Costs

The investment for making toilet rolls includes various raw materials such as paper tubes, paper, and polythene for packaging. The total manufacturing cost is approximately Rs. 9 per roll. With this investment, you can easily produce 4,000 rolls per day, resulting in a profit of Rs. 12,000 per day.

Kitchen Roll and Other Products

Kitchen rolls, which are used for cleaning purposes, can also be manufactured using the same machine. The manufacturing cost for kitchen rolls is double that of toilet rolls, but they can be sold for a higher price. The standard size of a kitchen roll is 8 inches, compared to the 4-inch size of a toilet roll.

Marketing and Selling Strategy

To successfully sell your toilet rolls and other products, it is important to have a good quality machine and ensure proper finishing and embossing. However, the main challenge lies in marketing and selling the products. You can sell them in wholesale markets, offices, the hotel industry, and even fill government tenders. Exporting the products is also an option.

Setting Up the Plant

To set up the entire plant for manufacturing toilet rolls and other products, you will need a machine that costs Rs. 3,50,000 and a slitting machine that costs Rs. 1.5 lakh. The total cost of the plant is Rs. 5 lakh, excluding the 18% GST. The same plant can be used to produce a total of 5 products, including toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, just rolls, hot rolls, and couch rolls.

Contact Information

If you are interested in starting this business or want more detailed information, you can contact the company mentioned in the description box or on the screen. They will be able to provide you with all the necessary information and support.


Certainly, this business opportunity stands as a beacon of potential in the realm of entrepreneurship. With the ability to manufacture multiple high-demand products from a single machine, it offers a resilient and profitable venture. From toilet rolls to specialized items for restaurants and healthcare facilities, the market appeal is diverse and promising.

Crucially, the investment details and profit margins have been clearly outlined, providing a solid foundation for aspiring business owners. The emphasis on quality and proper finishing underscores the commitment to delivering superior products.

For those seeking a sustainable business in essential commodities, this venture presents a compelling option. For more information and support, contacting the mentioned company is the first step toward realizing this opportunity. Thank you for your consideration, and here’s to the potential of a prosperous entrepreneurial journey!

Thank you for considering this opportunity!

What is the business model described in this passage?

The business model described is one that can produce 5 different products from a single machine.

What is the process involved in producing the products?

The process involves a rewinding machine where the paper is embossed and rewound, and then a slitting machine where it is converted into different products.

What are some of the products that can be produced?

Some of the products that can be produced are toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, hrt rolls, jrt rolls, and couch rolls.

What are the qualities of the finished products?

The finished products have good quality, with clean cuts and perforations for easy tearing.

Where are the different products commonly used?

Toilet rolls and kitchen rolls are popular products, while jrt rolls and hrt rolls are used in restaurants, and couch rolls are used in hospitals.

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